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Gratis Evening Lecture Programme

One of the key goals of MBI is to take developments in science, medicine and a variety of overlapping fields to laypersons in the form of gratis public lectures. Important and fascinating developments are conveyed in a comprehensible form, putting research findings into context without losing their meaning along the way. From developments in neuroscience to the genetics of disease to the problems with overpopulation and environmental destruction, each topic is passionately presented with time for questions and answers.


Every year, Dr Guy Sutton delivers some 60 gratis lectures to the public at events and venues around the UK and mainland Europe, and often returns to give talks on an annual basis. The lecture topics for 2023 with accompanying synopses can be found below. Simply click on an image to read about the lecture.

Lectures will usually be delivered in the early evening at the end of a seminar or tutorial day at an organisation, university or school and are invariably open to professionals and public alike. To book, please email


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