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About MBI

Medical Biology Interactive was established to deliver one-day and half-day courses, seminars and tutorials in epidemiology, occupational health and the human sciences to the health service, industry and education. All MBI seminars are written and run by academics and health specialists, each of whom has considerable experience in research and its practical applications. Seminars are delivered at the hospital, workplace or school, based on cutting-edge research and current practice benchmarks, and tailored to the needs and concerns of the client.

A very important remit of MBI is to take developments in science and medicine to the public. Thus, MBI currently offers gratis evening lectures on some 35 topics, from the origins and evolution of life to the neuroscience of space travel.


The MBI mission statement is simple: educate, enrich, inspire at every level, from layperson to professional.

Dr Guy Sutton

Founder & Director

Guy Sutton’s primary research interests are the genetics of neural development and brain function, together with the interactive nature of biological, genetic and behavioural factors in disease processes. More generally, he has a passion for life sciences, philosophy and the history of scientific thought.

Guy has held previous academic appointments at several universities, including Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan and Cambridge Universities. Until summer 2022, he was Honorary (Consultant) Assistant Professor in the Division of Psychiatry at University of Nottingham. Guy has lectured in neuroscience and genetics to a range of undergraduate and postgraduate students, including medics, biologists and psychologists and continues to run advanced neuroanatomy days at universities around the UK. He has conducted research projects and data analysis for various organisations, including the Department of Health and the Medical Research Council.

Other professional work includes lecturing, assessing and examining undergraduate medical students and postgraduates, professional development with general practitioners and consultants, lecturing to barristers and judges and training police officers.

Outreach and external education work has included tutoring on ‘A’ level/degree reading parties for students and teachers. He is an associate tutor with Villiers Park Educational Trust, Cambridge, a social justice charity, and is committed to raising academic outcomes for disadvantaged young people. He has written syllabi and courses for OCR, Young, Gifted & Talented and The Global University Alliance.

In addition to presenting research at various international conferences and writing academic articles, Guy has talked about the theoretical and clinical aspects of his research on television and radio. He sat on the advisory board for the Wellcome Trust’s ‘Inside The Brain’ publication. Recent articles include 'Brain Computer Interfacing' in Biological Sciences Review, ‘Methods For Exploring The Brain’ in Psychology Review and 'The Brain and Crime' in Catalyst. He also featured in 'Beyond The Genome', a 2016 documentary for Reelhouse Productions.

Guy Sutton is a member of the British Neuroscience Association and the Liverpool Neuroscience Group.

100 seconds with... Guy Sutton

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