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No Brainer?
The Neuroscience of Climate Change

This is an angry lecture.


Forget Trump. Forget Lawson. Forget the increasing number of investors who are profiting from climate change whilst continuing to deny any human involvment. Forget those who have a vestid interest in denying the causes of climate change and potential ways of minimising its imact. Listen to the science and the experts. Listen to the voices of people that employ empiricsm rather than those who rely on wishful thinking.

The world is rapidly changing in terms of its physical georgraphy, climate, animal and human populations. You know this. But why do some people deny the impact of how we live on the world in which we live? Why do some people wilfully ignore the likely impact of our current behaviour on the lives of our progent and our responsibility to future generations? What are the factors that influence whether or not we suscribe to arguments for and against climate change and how we respond to it? And what is the impact of pollution, climate change, unprecidented world population growth, mass population migration and potential end of civilisations on brain and mental health?

Come to this lecture and expect to be challenged, prrovoked and presented with facts and science. Then decide how you feel about the future and your role in it.

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