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Psychiatry & psychoanalysis

This two-hour tutorial is intended as an introduction to mental illness and its treatment. It will be of use to students reading psychology, neuroscience and medicine.

We begin by investigating normal and abnormal development and conceptions of mind. We consider how emotions can be linked to pain and physical illness, introducing neuroses and psychoses and their respective causes. We then turn our attention to the field of psychiatry, the medical model and the classification and assessment of mental illness, critiquing the DSM-5 and exploring alternative ways of thinking about atypical behaviour. In the final part of the tutorial, we evaluate psychoanalysis and transactional analysis in the context of modern neuroscience and neuropharmacology. Do such approaches have anything to contribute to patient well-being in the 21st century?

For further information and a programme, please email Dr Guy Sutton at  the address in the footer below.

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