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Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology Pamphlet
A Half-Day Tutorial In Neurocriminology & The Psychology of Crime


The students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the day and were saying such positive things about it, so thank you. The tutorial pack is brilliant.” 


— Ms L. Smikle, Nottingham Academy

Why A Forensics Morning?

Forensic psychology generally refers to the application of psychological knowledge to the criminal justice system. As a discipline, forensic psychology lies at the intersection between psychology and law. In addition to communicating and disseminating psychological findings and principles to the courtroom, forensic psychologists may work in the prison and probation services, developing, for example, one-to-one interventions and treatment programmes for offenders and people under supervision.

This tutorial is intended to provide the student with an introduction to the theory and practice of forensic psychology. Several important issues and debates in forensic psychology will be addressed, including: a consideration of the many interacting factors which may underlie crime with a focus on modern neurobiological theories; factors influencing whether or not a defendant is deemed competent to stand trial; the reliability and validity of offender profiling; and the preavalence of mental illness within offender populations. The relationship between forensic science and forensic psychology will be clearly illustrated.

Which Students Will Benefit?


This tutorial is designed primarily for able A-level biology and chemistry students, but will also be useful to:

  • any AS/A2 students with an interest in forensic psychology

  • any students considering a university degree and/or career in the following subjects:

    Forensic Science    PsychologyPolicing         Law
    Neuroscience          Criminology

The material presented during this tutorial is intended to  complement and develop upon topics and issues encountered during A-level study of forensic psychology.

Aims of The Tutorial

There are two main aims to this tutorial:

·  to define and explain relevant terms within forensic psychology and law, considering the nature and causes of crime from social and biological perspectives.


·  to introduce current issues and debates within forensic psychology, addressing controversial practices such as offender profiling and considering individual differences in criminal violence and the effectiveness of serial killer typologies. 

Forensic Psychology Pamphlet
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