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Brain Day

Brain Day is a comprehensive primer in neuroscience for undergraduate university students. It is suitable for students reading psychology, biological sciences, neuroscience, medicine and law.

Fast-paced, current and drawing on research from anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, physics, pharmacology, genetics, psychiatry, psychology, ecology, sociology and  anthropology, Brain Day develops students' knowledge across many fields. Beginning with a lecture on ways of investigating the brain - moving from basic histology to diffusion tensor imaging and optogenetics - we progress to discussions of philosophy of mind and the nature of consciousness. An interactive sheep brain dissection helps consolidate neuroanatomy and tracts, fasciculi and lemnisci are further illustrated with three-dimensional connectome maps. We examine neuropathology associated with  traumatic brain injury and from a forensic perspective. To finish the day, we consider the nature of psychiatric disorders with a focus on  schizophrenia and associated novel therapeutic directions. In addition to reviewing neurotransmitter hypotheses, we evaluate different  genetic theories - from gene mutation to epigenetics and copy number generation to LINE-1 retrotransposons. A thrilling, challenging day which will stimulate and enrich your students through the use of lectures, discussions, experimental design, computer-based work and interactive dissection.


For further information and a programme, please email Dr Guy Sutton at  the address in the footer below.

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